Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Word Wednesday

The Divine Ms. P: Brazen -- a word that aptly describes the little grey furball.
The woman caught Cinza in the midst of inhaling my special kidney diet food on the kitchen counter. (We're NOT allowed on the counter -- EVER.)

When the woman walked into the kitchen, Cinza casually looked up and then resumed her inhaling, even while the woman was scolding her and telling her to get down!

After the little imp was removed from the scene of the crime, the woman covered my dish with a plate and left the room.

Seconds later the woman's meditation session was interrupted by the sound of a loud crash. Sure enough Ms. Short and Sassy had pushed the plate and my dish off the counter.

Did Cinza then run and hide??? Of course not. She returned to the kitchen and began to inspect the floor area surrounding the dish and what was left of the plate for something to eat.


  1. That food must be pretty yummy! We've presented Cinza and The Divine Ms. P with an award. Please drop by our blog to pick it up:)

  2. Oh what a mischief that Cinza is! And i bet you don't even care for your special diet that much, do you, Miss P? They say to put noisy things up on the counter to dissuade kitties from hopping up...somehow i don't think that would work in Cinza's case! Thank you for visiting my blog...i've got something else in common with your woman!...see my December 25 posting.

  3. We don't see any problems here. Normal and sound cat behavior. Was it tasty?

  4. sometimes you can't get between someone and their foods

  5. That must be some special good food.

  6. Cinza you sound like our Mr.Jinx...nothing stops him from a bowl of food.


  7. We're glad to see you went back to make sure you didn't miss any of that food!

  8. Not Allowed on the counter? Incredible behavior for a Mom.

  9. I'm Not Allowed on the counter either. If I could get up there, I totally would. I would also like their food.

  10. That sounds like something I would do. hee hee



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