Friday, February 27, 2009

Friendship Friday

Ms. P: This is a wonderful story about the loving relationship between Tarra (an elephant) and Bella (who is a dog). We discovered this on

Enjoy! And if afterwards you're overcome with the urge to hug someone, go for it.

Oh, before I forget, Blogger was PMSing yesterday yet again. Not only did it prevent us from visiting other blogs, but it also wouldn't allow us to access our own blog!!! No amount of hissing, growling or whapping helped.

We also lost some of yesterday's comments. We're seriously considering moving our blog, but we don't know what's out there besides Blogger and our secretary isn't what you'd call a techno genius. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


  1. Huh? We just posted a comment but then it disappeared.

    Wordpress is good - it's is FREE. Find it here:

  2. We saw those two on a news show a few weeks ago:) Our blog had some problems last week! One of our friends emailed us to let us know that they couldn't see our posts:( We think that there just may be Blogger gremlins!

  3. We use Wordpress too. But then the man buys all our food for money earned on computer-stuff, so he should know.

  4. I'm leaving a hug for the two of you!

  5. That's a wonderful story about Tarra and Bella! Thanks for sharing that!

    We use Wordpress...not by our choice, though...the person that set up our blog used it...we are computer-idiots....

  6. I'll be dealing that the same problem from my human next week. Am dreading it already!

  7. I am still happy with Blogger over all.

  8. Hi Cinza and Ms P. We tried to leave messages for you a couple of times this week and Blogger was being obnoxious. It wouldn't even let us put a post on our own bloggie to say "hi" to all our nice visitors! We growled and whapped, too, but Meowmy said just to be patient, Blogger was probably just having a hairball or something. Generally speaking, we like its features and the fact that it's free...

  9. We've seen the video of Bella and Tara before. Isn't it wonderful?!

    We also have a wordpress blog that Mom uses as a back up... we're thinking of switching to it because blogger's been having so many problems lately and we never hear of problems with the free wordpress.

    -Gandalf and Grayson

  10. That is a great story ... I've tried wordpress before, but don't like it as much as blogger. My guess is they all have issues. We will follow you where ever you all go!!

    The WCTs


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