Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday smile -- Simon's Cat 'TV Dinner'

The Divine Ms. P: I have to say, this one I didn't relate to at all. When my people finally settle down to relax and watch a movie or two (as they did on Saturday), I like to get comfy on my favourite pillow next to them and keep them company as I snooze.

Enjoy your day and your week!

PS Thank you for everyone's support last week. It was a difficult time and your kind words helped a lot.


  1. I like to snuggle next to the mom, but then reach up and whap stuff off the table too. - Miles

  2. Yup, mom and dad put on a movie and Lucky and I settle down and relax with them. Mom says she would pitch this kitty out the window if it did any of that stuff to her.


  3. Hahahaha! Thanks for introducing us to the Simon videos! We're huge fans now.

  4. Hahaha! We hadn't seen that one in awhile! It put a smile on mom's face today!

  5. Add a laptop and it could be my house!


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