Thursday, February 19, 2009


The Divine Ms. P: Oh no, the woman is singing.

Please stop, I have sensitive ears.

Babies are crying and milk is curdling three countries away. This is the most supreme act of cruelty to your two diva kitties and to the entire universe.

That's it you're grounded! No more youtube for the rest of this week!! If you really want R-E-S-P-E-C-T, you must stop singing and never, ever sing again.

Yeesh, sometimes she scares me.


  1. Not everyone can sing Aretha! We like to watch American Idol with our Beans. Do you cats have something like that in Canada?

  2. As we say... there's a song in my heart...
    beautiful photo!

  3. My mom sings all the time. Lucky for me, I'm old and my hearing isn't so good anymore.

  4. Tristan and Crikey, we have Canadian Idol.

    Zoolatry, thank you for your kind words.

    Rusty, I'm in my late teens but still have excellent hearing. Sometimes it doesn't feel like a blessing.

    Ms. P

  5. Mommy put Jack Johnson on the player and we chilled all afternoon while Mom did her yoga sway. It's a good thing when she lets someone else sing=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  6. You do look really scared Ms. P, must be awful

  7. Our Meowmy can't sing her way out of a paper bag. Luckily she doesn't sing very often! That's a lovely picture of you, Ms P...your cushion goes so nicely with your calico furs.

  8. Hee-hee, I sing like that, too. It's a good thing I don't have any kitties to annoy with it.

  9. Based on the look on your face: Ouch.

    And we have more bad news. Cinza have become a member of the Tail Chasers club based on chasing your tail. So we're afraid you can look forward to even more tail chasing!

  10. Mom sings out loud too. What's funny, is PlusOne lets her sing, but not dad. When dad sings he yells: "NO SINGING" and has since he was very young.


  11. If she persists in tormenting you, I suggest burrowing under the bedspread. At least it'll help muffle the sound.



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