Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh oh -- dying grass

Cinza: The woman forgot to water our grass.

Never mind that we pretty much ignore it because that's irrelevant. The point is if we were plants, we'd be dead.

By the way, here's an amazing story about Max told by his person: If you haven't already met him, he's quite the character and has his own blog


  1. We like grass, but prefer real plants, flowers and especially fresh herbs.

    We're not sure your humans is that negligent, but perhaps a little Drive The Humans Crazy could teach them?

  2. Oh noes! Your poor grass is suffering at the hands of your Woman:( Maybe you should start stashing food. You know...just in case. Heehee

  3. Mommy bought our grass seed from the health food store.....we have wheat grass and rye grass. It's lots cheaper than store grass and taste better too! After Dad planted it, it came up in 3 days to 4 inches! The grass Mommy bought us before growing our own, dried up, even though it was watered and had sun! It's a catspiracy...they keep wanting your beans to put out more money. Mommy said she is going to try Cat mint next!=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  4. That is why there are no live plants in our house. Mom would forget to water them. She doesn't forget our water, though. Thank goodness. Dad does, but not mom.


  5. I hope your grass got watered and perked right up. It looks a little bit sad there. ;-)

  6. Murdering humans! Our Mum bought an orchid the other day, forgot about it, left it in the car ALL NIGHT (minus 7C and without a blankie), frost got it and it died before it even got into the house! Hope your grass gets revived so you can ignore it a little longer!
    Slobbers xx

  7. Maybe it's better tasting dead? I love Max!

  8. I got gwass stuck in my thwoat once and had to spend the weekend (top vet rates) in a vet hospital to have it removed ! Miewmie dug it up after that. I wouldn't mind some of your gwass even though it looks a bit sad !!!

  9. Mom says she has a "black Thumb" We can't see it, but we believe her!

    We hope you had a great Valentines Day. Our Mom came home yesterday and we are just getting around to visiting all of our pals.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids


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