Friday, January 9, 2009

Yeah for heat!!

Ms. P: Everything is working again as of an hour ago.

A big thank you to all our blogosphere friends for their support.

The man and woman are thinking of celebrating tonight with Vietnamese takeout. Me? I think I'll go for a before dinner nap.

By the way, thank you to Zoolatry for this picture. Don't I look divine?


  1. Hooray for heat! P.S. We left you a comment under the one you left for us on Friday's post.

  2. Yay for heat!!! And yes, you look divine!

  3. Yay for heat! A nap by the heating vent sounds like an excellent idea. The picture of you is great.

  4. Ms P, you look wonderful, Zoolatry are very talented and kind.

    I'm so pleased you have some heat at last. Maybe everyone in your home will be having a good long kip very soon (hope so)

    Whicky Wuudler

  5. You do look divine. With a capital "D". Hooray for heat. Crank it up! And let your beans sleep through the night, okay?


  6. Oh what a pretty picture - you do look divine!


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