Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's time for an intervention

The Divine Ms. P: It seems a certain little grey furball has been stealing lettuce again.

Other news: the woman has met her first goal for 2009 and her photo blog http://seriouslyamused.blogspot.com/ is up and running again since a few days ago.

Also, speaking of green veggies, we came across two more videos on Pugwash (aka the kitty who loves broccoli). Enjoy!


  1. Could that certain gray furball be a mousie? Everyone knows that I'm on the lookout for that mythical creature. Let me know if you see one stealing your Mama's lettuce.

  2. ME loves broccoli - ME even tooked some to the v-e-t and eated it in front of the v-e-t. - Billy

    I love lettuce! - Sammy

  3. Cinza dear, are you in need of a huge bowl of kitty-grass? Some humans grow them especially for indoor kitties. Or maybe you are addicted to the soporific effect of lettucine? I don't know if kitties are affected by it. There's a lettuce in the fridge right now, so if I time it right I may be able to experiment.

    We feasted on the other Pugwash/Broccoli videos yesterday, he's such a whappy, growly little fella. We love him.

    Whicky Wuudler

  4. Lettuce? Forget that, gimme my Peanut Butter!


  5. You eat lettuce??? We never had that before...

  6. We are glad your seriously amused is back up. Mom read your post at DWD. She said she learned a long time ago that she needs sleep when she needs it, so she sleeps when she needs it.
    Other than that, she is here to support and help you with your other goals.


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