Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Ms. P: We are sooo glad our heater is working, especially now that the tempera-ture has taken a drastic nosedive!!! Yesterday morning we started out with -21 C, but it felt more like -30 C with the wind.

It's so cold our servant can't open the bedroom window because it is covered with ice and the pipes are making loud banging sounds. (The man kept waking up to the banging. He figured Princess Bam Bam had found a closed cupboard and was sending messages to the mother ship only to find her snoozing next to him.)

We're lucky we're indoor kitties and send special purrs to all animals who don't have homes and hope that anyone with dogs takes special care when they're outside. Our woman gets upset when she sees a dog left outside in the snow while their person is in some store or coffee shop where it's nice and warm.

In other news: Big Paw Blog is looking for guest bloggers to write articles about pets. You can find them at


  1. It's freezing here today! Our coldest temps in a decade! Our Daddy says we don't know the true meaning of cold (he's from Canada), so I guess we shouldn't complain too much:)

  2. That woofie looks like a eskie like our furriend Maxx who comes to visit us. He can stay outside in the cold and snow for a long time 'acause he's a snow doggie! He LOVES winter. He has a really really thick undercoat that does not get wet. He only comes in when his pawsies get cold. But minus degrees is really TOO cold even for snow doggies. But mommy says it's fun to watch him run really really fast and dive head ferst into a snow pile and then pop out the top. We prefer to run really really fast and dive into a blanket pile.

  3. It is cold all over, we hit -22 last night, the coldest we have been in 14 years. Burrrrrr

    Smokey(ILM), Mishka, Mila, & Zateynik (BJ)'s mom

    - Jackie from Minnesota

  4. I am so happy that you're all warm and have heat! We've been warming up and I've been able to sit in front of the open door for a couple of hours most days lately. (I love looking out.)

  5. Don't even get mom started about that photo. She would tap dance on that dog owner's head. We are glad you have your heat working. We hope you are feeling well and getting the rest you need.


  6. At least the little pooch has a lot of floof to help keep him warm.

  7. Our humans say that this time of year it's nice that the houses are hollow inside :-)

    Cliff & Olivia

    P.s. You asked about the font in our header. It is called Carlton. Our female human is obsessed with fonts too

  8. Glad you are all cosy again. We agree that it's mean to leave dogs outside in such low temperatures.



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