Friday, January 23, 2009

Cat grass -- paws up or down?

The Divine Ms. P: Well, as you can see from the pictures we did some nibbling here and there.

But that was on the first day. We mostly ignore it; occasionally I'll throw up in the middle of the night and sure enough the servants will find some grass in the mess.

Just to see what would happen, the woman left some lettuce next to the pot of grass. Cinza went for the lettuce.

Later, lettuce was placed next to Cinza's evening meal. She went back and forth between the two!

Unfortunately, the woman can't find the photos, so there goes the evidence.


  1. Oh, we do love our grass! All paws UP!

  2. I think I gave mine a sniff and then done.

  3. Grass is ok. But we prefer something more tasty, like chives - or rosemary.

    Cliff & Olivia

  4. We all love, love, LOVE our cat grass! Haven't tried lettuce for a while.

  5. I think it's nice that you have the choice of both - your staff are most accomodating

    Whicky Wuudler

  6. We love our cat grass...and, yeah, we puke it up too!

  7. Heehee, cute pics, they look interested but if it makes them puke....paws down for sure!
    Slobbers xx

  8. Thanks for the update! You actually chose lettuce over the grass? We've never heard of such a thing! Then again, Crikey is addicted to crushed ice and Tristan goes crazy for olives.

  9. Darn, I hate it when that happens (losing the photos).


  10. We still love lettuce, but I got to try cabbage this weekend (Riley was asleep and missed it). Yummy!


  11. Oh yes, yes! I give cat grass 2 paws up.

    But I'm the only one in our family that likes it. I chomp, chomp, chomp but the other 3 cats here ignore it. That's fine. It means more for ME!!



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