Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Heater still not working

The Princess Cinza: Today and tomorrow people are supposed to be inspecting our heating system.

The super has admitted he doesn't know why it's PMSing, and so far everything the electrician has done for the last two winters has worked temporarily.

Our castle is absolutely balmy... if you're a polar bear wearing a parka. Fortunately, considering it's January in Toronto, it's a relatively mild day at -7 C, so things could be a lot worse. (We're still relying on the little portable heater to warm things up.)

As you can see, we're snoozing on the sleeping bag the servants are using -- in addition to the comforter and blankets.

We haven't been more cuddly than usual and we haven't been burrowing under the covers (something we'll do when we want to hide from visitors or when we want to cozy up to our servants). We're doing just fine thanks to our diva fur coats.

The Woman is finding different ways to use the oven(s) as much as possible. The other night she heated up leftover homemade falafel and made chips out of a mixture of potato peels, garlic, onions, olives and spices in the big oven, while in the toaster oven she broiled sliced bagels on which she spread coconut oil and a kazillion different herbs.

It's sunny outside and instead of waiting around for repair people to show up, the woman would rather be out and about before it starts to cloud over and snow later this afternoon, but, staying home is giving her a chance to catch up on a few things.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that the city is doing emergency repair work today, so we're without water between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

But, this too shall pass and one day this will all be a memory.


  1. Hope things improve soon! It's cold here too, but our heaters are working. Wish we could send some of it to you (and your servants) :-)

    Cliff and Olivia

  2. You all are having your fair share of problems! But you certainly have a good attitude (or is that cattitude??)!

  3. Patches and Cinza:

    Thanks for keeping the place warm until I get home. According to the woman, I'm always "full of hot air", so you'll notice a nice difference when I get home from work!


    -The Man

  4. We feel so sorry for you! Our Mama says that your landlord should give you the month of January free. We could beam ourselves up there if you want us to, and then we could gang up on that landlord!

  5. Mmm, sounds like a fun time for all. If that's not enough to fluff-your-furs, come down our way: where septic system backed up into the human's house last night. I said they were welcome to use our litter boxes, but they respectly declined... the Zoolatry Human is using lots of words that I would prefer not to hear. It's already a happy new year: Ha!

  6. Mom would so be ready to kill someone by now, it wouldn't even be funny. We hope they fix it soon, and give your mom money off the rent for the trouble.


  7. No heat is a good excuse to cuddle, but it's still a frustrating situation. (Not to rub it in, but we're in the 60s today.) But then to top it off with no water ... yikes!

  8. I do so hope that the heating is mended quickly. Divas should never be even slightly chilly. This oven business sounds good and our Mum says what's coming out of it sounds yummy (falafel). Maybe you could camp near the oven? No water? gosh, time for a rebate off the rent!

    Stay warm my dears

    Whicky Wuudler

  9. Our Mom (who is older than dirt) remembers running out of heating oil when she was a little girl and having to snuggle to keep warm. Her Mom would make goodies in the oven too!
    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids


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