Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Healing power of purrs

The Divine Ms. P: The woman is feeling sad. It's the fifth anniversary of her mother's death.

We weren't going to post today, but I've been doing my best to comfort her and it seems to be helping.

All day long I've been keeping a close watch on her. Right now I'm sitting on the woman's lap, purring and alternating between gazing lovingly at her and licking her hand as I dictate today's post.

Earlier while she was doing yoga, I would strike a pose whilst sending her healing purrs. She kept coming over to pet me and then I'd come up with a new pose and give her my best "you know you want me" look.

Anyway, the point of today's post is to remind everyone that love works wonders. If you're feeling down because you've got the January blahs, because you're missing someone or for any other reason, spread some love and open your heart to receive all the love coming your way.

It's hard work taking care of humans and now it's time for a kitty nap.


  1. We know all about taking care of sad humans. We've taken care of our female human as well. We divided the task between us. Cliff did surveillance, general protection and mancat cuddles and purrs. I was in charge of calming purrs and lots of cuddling and kisses. She's doing better.

    You're absolutely right: Love does work wonders. And cats have love to give in abundance.


    P.s. I do yoga with our female human too and sometimes she says I'm almost mocking her because I'm so nimble. She says I'm an inspiration and that makes me proud.

    P.p.s. Cliff sends purrs.

  2. Love and a little kindness are always the best of healing medicines...
    our thoughts are with you.

  3. That's furry good thought...spread the works wonders....

    We are sending some gentle headbutts your mom's way....

  4. Sorry your Mom feels sad. I will purr for her over here, and Mom sends a hug too.

  5. We hope your woman remembers the happy times that she had with her mother. It's always better to dwell on the sweet memories. We'll say purrs for all of you:)


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