Thursday, March 5, 2009

A question

Cinza: Do I look like I have ADD or OCD?

I prefer to say that I'm intense, thorough, multi-talented and that I zing to the sound of my own drummer.

Okay, so I'm a little bit quirky with three truckloads of idiosyncrasies. That just makes me interesting.

Silly humans.


  1. Maybe you have the Tigger Syndrome. You're Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun!

  2. We think you look like a diva stretched out on the flannel sheets like that! Beyond that, we're not cat ever pointed out another cat's idiosyncracies without having to answer about his or her own!

  3. You look perfectly normal to me. But compared to what I'm surrounded with, everykitty looks normal to me!


  4. You look purrfect to us! What's wrong with a little quirky, anyways?

    -Gandalf and Grayson

  5. All of us (specially the human here) suffer mightily from OCD, so we're pleased to have you join us...
    that is Obsessive Cat Disorder, of course!

  6. Very happy to meet you, Cinza! We're all quirky here - so you would fit right in. I think all the cats have at least a slight case of OCD or ADD (or both). And mom won't mention her own quirks!

  7. Adorable Day in and Day out?

    Overloading Cute Department.

    Sure thing!

  8. You're a cat...and we think you are purrfectly normal!

  9. Who isn't a little OCD? I think you would be weird if you weren't quirky!

  10. That certainly does not look like ADD to me. But then, do I really look like a devil? Little miss innocent me?


    PS mom says thanks for the nice compliment about her smile and eyes.

  11. You don't have A D D you have a C A T. Thanks for checking in on us. Daddy is up and down but we are hopeful it will pass. Paws crossed.

  12. You look and sound perfect normal to us, we kitties are just superior to humans so they dont get it.

    Theodore and Sasha


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