Sunday, March 8, 2009

International Women's Day

The Divine Ms. P: We think every day should be women's day -- not just March 8th. Come to think of it every day should be a celebration of all kitties and other living beings, too. (Yes, including dogs.)

Enjoy the day and the rest of the weekend!

PS The woman hasn't been feeling well and we're hoping to be visiting our friends again soon.

PPS Zoolatry posted a beautiful image of Cinza today, along with other lovely kitties.


  1. We saw Cinza's picture over at Zoolatry:) She's looking great!

  2. Happy Women's Day. Ms. P. We think every day should be women's day (and cat day, and animal day) too!

    We hope your mom feels much better soon.

  3. Sorry the Woman isn't feeling well. Daddy is feeling better this weekend! I wonder when international feline day is?

  4. We're sorry The woman isn't feeling well. We saw the picture on Zoolatry and thought it was beautiful!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  5. That was a very purrty picture over at Zoolatry! I hope that your mom is feeling better soon!

  6. We hope your woman feels better soon. It's no fun here, today, with all this stupid snow. And it was so nice yesterday.


  7. Hello diva kitty ladies! We hope your woman is feeling better now. It's a waste of a weekend to spend it being sick :(.


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