Friday, March 20, 2009

Flashback Friday -- Ms. P's gratitude list

Ms. P: I wrote this shortly after we moved in with The Woman and not long after Cinza's arrival two summers ago.

1) Thank you The Woman brought along her rattan chair. (Cause it'll have to do since little Ms. Troublemaker is hogging the bed. So small and yet so territorial.)

2) Thank you for the drawer underneath the bed in which she likes to hide. (I appreciate moments of peace and quiet and yes, that out of sight, out of mind thing works for me.)

3) Thank you that I now have four instead of two dining room chairs. (Someone of my stature deserves to have choices to suit her changing moods. Not that I'm moody. I prefer to say I have a rainbow of moods... a palette.)

4) Thank you that The Woman listens to something other than jazz! (So when do I finally get to hear her Aretha Franklin & Jacksoul CDs?)

5) Thank you for the change in food -- both wet and dry. (So what if it was intended for Ms. Pipsqueak. I am, after all, the Empress of all there ever was and all there will ever be. She'll never be more than a princess wannabe.)

6) Thank you for the new toys. (Yes, I can overlook that they were hers all along. But, what's hers is mine and what's mine is still mine.)

7) Thank you for those wonderful moments when I hear her being scolded for scratching my couch. (Where was the little floor duster raised? In a barn??)

8) Thank you for my new home and that I now see more of The Man. (But really now, boxes all over the place! Aristocat that I am, I only need two boxes for each room -- one for scratching and another one to lounge in.)

9) Thank you that we moved in with The Woman -- for the additional set of opposable thumbs. (Always good to have a back up when I'm hungry and now I have two people to cuddle with!)

10) Thank you for the little window in the living room. (The one that was all mine until the invasion of the squeaky, butt sniffing, pillow/bed hogging brat.)

11) Thank you that I now have the privilege of sharing my litter box. (What could possibly beat having to smell eau de latest offering of the little beast, whilst relieving myself? What's next? Pictures of her all over the bathroom?)

12) Thank you for the closet near the front door... that she hasn't discovered it yet. (Although I can't understand why the humans haven't set aside time to fix it up for me. Why should I have to settle for a crowded, teeny tiny piece of real estate, while she hogs my bed and pillows?)

13) Thank you that The Man had a week of normal working hours and periodically came home to visit during the day. (It upset my sleeping routine, my every routine... a kind of practise run before little Ms. ADD arrived.)

14) And most of all, thank you that my having to share my castle with the princess brat is only a temporary thing. (She is leaving, right?)

Cinza: Needless to say I'm still here because when the humans brought me home it was supposed to be forever.


  1. What a wonderful gratitude list! This is a good idea for a meme:)

    Theodore and sasha

  2. A rainbow of moods! Love it! Oh, we will have to put that phrase into our box of phrases! hahaha!

  3. Uh..Ms. P? We don't think that Cinza is leaving anytime soon. You're pretty much stuck with her!

  4. We like your list comments!
    ViVi & AB

  5. Ms. P it sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for. And some of the bad things...well, you have to take the good with the bad!

  6. *cough cough* You certainly are quite the diva, Ms. P! and i suspect that Gingy shares your attitude almost 100 percent.

  7. That was great -
    Here's a Saturday Smoochie -

  8. I'm so glad I don't have to share anything. Whew!

  9. Well done! And I love the photo - it says so much!

  10. That was a nice list. We like those flashbacks.

  11. LOL. Well, ah, I've got nothing to say about any of this, cuz, uh, Lucky was already here when I was brought home. So, uh, um, I'm jsut gonna say "hi" and "have a great day!"



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