Monday, March 23, 2009

Manic Monday

Ms. P: The woman is exhausted. So while she's dealing with health issues and trying to catch up with her to do list, we'll probably be posting and visiting less often for the next while, but we wanted you all to know that even though our presence is less visible, you're still in our hearts and thoughts because we treasure our friends.

Here's another flashback; this time it's done with a song.

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. We hope your mom can re-energize! We'll see you whenever you can!!!

    pee ess. we couldn't watch the video cuz it sed it wasn't available for our country...hmmm...

  2. Good luck to your mommy! I hope she is getting some rest! I will miss you both!!!

  3. I hope your mom is all right - and I completely understand about having a hard time keeping up with Blogger. We always love to see you, but sometimes it's good to take a break.

    P.S. We couldn't see the video either (I think it's just for Canada?) but no problem!

  4. Hope your Mom gets feeling better very soon - how about now? Is she better now? Now?

    We will miss you and think of you. Hope you are all alright. If your Mom needs to email with a human on anything she can email my Mom.

  5. We're sorry to hear that your woman is exhausted. It sounds like you need to spend some time with her administering, purr therapy. We send her purrs and hope she's feeling more energetic soon.

  6. We will miss you! Please tell your Woman that we hope she feels better real soon:)

  7. We hope your mom's health gets better. We will be here for support and pug snorts whenever she needs.

    Roxy & Lucky

  8. Well, you better tend to your human then. Sounds like she could use some doses of feline attention.


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