Monday, April 13, 2009

Music Monday & update about us

The Divine Ms. P: The woman is still unwell and dealing with a lot of stress. It's been going on for awhile and we don't know what to do. We're considering shutting down one or both blogs. Another option may be to do less posting and visiting and not comment as much as we used to.

Change of subject: here's a woman who has the heart and soul of a cat and I mean that in the bestest of ways.

From one diva to another: I respect you!!

We also love this version of the same song by The Blow Monkeys from Dirty Dancing:


  1. We're so sorry that your Woman is feeling unwell. Stress is an awful thing:( Please don't shut your blogs down! Just take a long long blogcation, and don't worry about posting and writing comments. Maybe just post once in a blue moon, or post pictures only. We really love you guys and we're purring for you!

  2. Ms. P, I'm so sorry that your mom is still not feeling well. I didn't realize you had two blogs - that's a lot of work (and so is all the commenting!) We will certainly understand whatever you decide to do.

    And thanks for the divine Ms. M video - it's purrfect :)

  3. We hope that the stress eases,
    Smoochies to you and to her!

  4. We are sorry your mom is still not feeling well. There is a lot of stress everywhere mom turns lately. We hope that your mom can find some relief from it.


  5. Oh no...I'm so sorry to hear that your mommy is not doing any better. Sometimes life just gets too crazy and the humans need to take a while to get everything back in order. Please don't shut down your blog! Even if you don't have time to visit you can still post every once in a while to let us know how you are all doing! My mom and I are both purring and praying for your mom.

  6. We're sorry that the woman is still not feeling well...we're purring for her and hoping that the stress lessens...

    Our mom sez thanks for showing the divine Ms. M video! She loves Bette!

  7. Believe me, I can well understand as my bean has been pretty much in the same boat. Can I give your Woman a big {{{hug}}}?


  8. Hi Cinza and Ms. P. We are so sorry that your mom is still not feeling well and dealing with a lot of stress. Stress makes not feeling well worse, and vice versa. We hope she didn't have to do all that maniac housecleaning and cooking that people do around Passover...that's a huge amount of stress all in itself! Did you get to nibble any matzos? Sylvie loves to crunch them and clean up all the crumbs. Thank you for visiting our blog and please tell your mom that we hope she's feeling better soon.

  9. We hope the stress level becomes a little more manageable. And we LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog so we hope you can continue it!

    We're thinking good thoughts for you and sending serenity prayers your way :)

    Love ,
    jaime, Theodore and sasha

  10. Hope your Mom is able to de-stress. Blogging shouldn't be a source of stress, and occasional updates is better than a blog lost to the ghost in the machine.

  11. We are sorry to hear that. Purrs and lots of purrs!

  12. There's nothing wrong with taking some time off. Return to blogging when you feel like it.

  13. I am sorry that your Mom is feeling so much stress. There is a lot of it about this time of year. I understand how it gets in the way of blogging and visiting. I am just back from a short vacation from blogging myself. Just get your Mom to relax and come back to blogging when she feels like it. A once in a while post would be very welcome.


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