Monday, December 29, 2008

Back to work Monday

The Princess Cinza: Dad is back to work after his four-day holiday weekend. That means we get Mom all to ourselves and we're hoping we'll have time to visit our friends on the blogosphere although Mom keeps talking about making lists and all the stuff she has to do.

What could possibly be more important than hanging out with us? Or napping?? (Mom seriously could do with a nap or two because we like to remind her of our divine presence during the night when she's trying to sleep.)

This picture is of a street menorah Mom took a few days ago and below you can see our menorah from last night.


  1. Our mom is home all week too! We hope you enjoy your time with your mom!

  2. That's the biggest menorah we've ever seen! We hope you have a great day relaxing with your Mom.

  3. That back to work business isn't any fun. Have fun with your mom!

    Love the menorah pictures ...

  4. Your menorah is really beautiful, happy holiday! Mommy is back to work tomorrow, darn it.

  5. Those are both very pretty menorahs. We know what you mean about getting mom to yourself. Lucky and I have gotten mom all to ourselves, PlusOne, too. And it's fun.



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